8 – 14 July 2017

I spent 7 days in Alesund, Norway, travelling around the area in bus, boat, kayak, and a whole lot of walking. This post is a short summary of my trip and hopefully it might help you decide if you want to visit Alesund yourself, and if so, it might also give you some ideas of what to do and where to go.

I decided to not go too far in land as there was plenty to see near the town and I wanted to make sure I saw it all. And believe me, you won’t run out of things to see or do in Alesund.


Day 1 – Arrived in Alesund late in the evening, walked around the docks and had a very expensive dinner. Food and drink in general is very expensive in Norway.

Day 2 – Climbed nearby Sugartop and visited the aquarium. Sugartop on Hessa is definitely worth a visit, the view is incredible for such a relatively short hike. The aquarium I wouldn’t really recommend. It’s quite small for the price you pay.

Day 3 – Walked around town seeing the sights and paid for a wildlife boat safari trip to a nearby puffin colony. I enjoyed the boat trip and there’s a lot to see in Alesund. I also took the stairs up to Fjellstua Peak which is a must do. Do not miss this, it’s worth the visit even if you take a car up. The stairs are a challenge but I would recommend them if you fancy the great views on the way up.

Day 4 – Paid for an all day bus tour to take me to Geiranger, Trollstigen, and the Troll Wall. These are worth your time, the vantage points are just incredible and the tour guide offered a lot of insight into Norway which I wasn’t aware of. The stories for the different areas were really interesting as well.

Day 5 – Paid for an all day kayak and hiking trip which took me across the fjord to Sula which had amazing views of Alesund and the surrounding fjords. Very enjoyable, probably the highlight of my trip and would recommend you do something similar.

Day 6 – This was a bit of a rest day after the action packed days before it. I went to see a movie in the converted movie cinema (there’s a picture of it below, very enjoyable and lovely inside). I walked around a lot, visited some of the museums and generally just learned a lot about the town and its history. This was also the day that the local boat show started so I browsed the stalls filled with local food and crafts.

Day 7 – Took in some more of the boat show and local entertainment before catching a flight back home.

Trip Photos